New ALF & AKE containers for L-3 Communications

VRR has continued its partnership with a global top-ten defence contractor by building a third version of the ALF container and developing a new AKE container. L-3 Communications, which helps deliver aerospace systems and national security solutions to the U.S. government, its allies and leading corporations, wanted several types of containers for one of their customers. VRR was happy to oblige.

Certified and versatile

Like its predecessors, the new ALF is a certified, rigid, full-width container that utilises the full space of an aircraft’s lower deck and is built on a standard pallet size of 3175 x 1534mm. The AKE is a half-width container, both fit almost any aircraft.

Front and back doors for easy access

Both containers are equipped with a soft cover door at the front and back, which makes loading and unloading very convenient. In addition, the cover doors are equipped with a locking system for additional security. The ALF version has an extra door on the left side, with actuators, to further enhance access.

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