Large order cool container from new Japanese customer

VRR recently received a large order for MKN cool containers from Sagawa Express. This company, which provides door-to-door delivery services and total logistics solutions across Japan, needs reliable temperature-controlled containers for the safe transport of perishable goods (e.g. foodstuff).

MKN Cool container

The MKN cool container is perfect for its needs. It offers not only superb insulation and temperature control but also proof that the cool chain has remained unbroken – essential when shipping such sensitive cargo. What’s more, this half-width lower-deck container fits almost every aircraft.

VRR has carried out a complete design update for this order. The construction has been upgraded and its insulation performance enhanced. The result is a cool container that offers excellent reliability and a consistent temperature for domestic and international shipments.

Features of the cool container

The MKN cooling system special features include:

  • Insulation panels
  • An 80-litre dry-ice bunker (a 160-litre bunker is also available for international use)
  • A temperature control unit that sets and monitors temperature and stores data which can be transferred via a Bluetooth or USB interface
  • An English or Japanese user interface.

What is the difference between a MKN and RKN cool container?

The MKN is a non-certified cool container, yet it has exactly the same construction and configuration as the certified RKN version. The RKN cool container is also available from VRR.

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