Fit check for new AMV container DHL

DHL has asked VRR to design and manufacture new AMV containers for the A300-600(C)F aircraft. The global carrier is keen to increase the efficiency of the aircraft’s cargo hold, and the AMV container is the ideal ULD. 

With a base size of 96x125 inch and a height of 96 inch, taking up just half the width of the main deck, its curved structure and the fact that it can be loaded side-by-side ensure that cargo space is maximised.

Wooden mock-up to check the fit

During the design phase, we had to be absolutely sure the container would fit every position in the hold of the A300-600F (Freighter) and the A300-600CF (Conversion Freighter). So we made a wooden mock-up and tested both aircraft at the DHL hub in Leipzig. The test was a great success. The next stage is to fully engineer and manufacture the container according to DHL specifications.

More information?

If you want to know more about optimising your cargo space? Our product series of efficient express containers are designed to do just that.

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