AMV container joins the DHL container fleet

DHL has just received its first delivery of the new AMV containers. The global carrier had asked VRR to design and manufacture a container that would optimise the fuselage capacity of the Airbus A300 freighters: the A300-600F and the A300-600CF. The result of our efforts is a container that takes up just half the width of the main deck and can be loaded in a twin row configuration.

Welcome addition to the family

The AMV is a completely new addition to the DHL container fleet. Our wooden prototype was tested successfully on both freighters in Leipzig back in the spring of 2015. We went on to engineer and manufacture a container that meets all DHL’s specifications.

Built on a standard M-size pallet, the AMV comes with a Bergo floor for excellent drainage capacity, inner and outer seat track provisions for straps and netting, and a curved, non-welded upper structure for maximising hold space. It also has a sliding cover, with the ability to open to the left or right, which allows the container to be opened quickly and easily.


If you think the AMV could be the ideal container for your air cargo, please visit our cargo containers product page or contact us directly. We’d be happy to give you more information.

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