Sneak preview: Helicopter ULDs

VRR is pushing back its boundaries by developing a helicopter cargo transport system. Not only is this new terrain for VRR but it’s also a new development in helicopters.

Designing a system that’s easy to install, handle and load

The solution we’re designing is one that will transport cargo such as (spare) parts and tools. The system has to be easy to install, handle and load. The container will have two side doors (left and right) and a lid for convenient loading and unloading. Those side doors will give access to the container while it’s still in the helicopter. We’re also giving the base fork pockets so it can be handled by a forklift truck.

Putting safety first

Safety is paramount in a helicopter, especially when flying both cargo and passengers, so we’re constructing the complete system from fire-resistant materials. We’re also equipping the container with a smoke detector, a fire indicator light and a switch, plus a quick release connection to connect a fire extinguisher. Both the lid and the doors will be equipped with rubber seals to prevent leakages of chemicals used in fire suppression systems. The door locks will also have custom sealing provisions to prevent unauthorised access to the container.

We always enjoy a challenge and this latest venture has certainly energised us. We’ll keep you posted about its progress.

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