"Royal" containers delivered for private flight

What else should you need when you order a Boeing 747 for your private flights. Obviously you need the best containers available in the market to store your valuable goods. In close cooperation with a well-respected supply company in the commercial aerospace market we have developed and delivered several AKN and ALF containers. The containers have following properties:

  • Both the AKN and ALF container are certified (EASA, FAA) lower deck containers.
  • Both containers are forkliftable.
  • Additional seat tracks are added to the interior, which serve as fastening points for the straps, used to fasten the cargo. 
  • The rigid construction is build out of high-quality aluminium and the sheets are made of Alucobond panels. Alucobond is a light composite material (aluminium cover sheets and a plastic core), which is extremely weatherproof, impact-resistant, break-proof and vibration-damping. 
  • Both containers are equipped with a custom grey cover door, which can easily be opened/closed. 
  • The containers are provided with custom logos.

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