Qatar offers first-class travel to its equine friends

Qatar Airways is expanding its fleet of horse stables with VRR’s innovative HML/HMR series. These stalls – the strongest and most adaptable in our range - offer the ultimate level of animal welfare and groom safety, making them real winners in equestrian air travel. 

The state-owned flag carrier of Qatar operates from its Doha hub to more than 125 international destinations. It’s one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, and prides itself on offering customers the best levels of service. Those customers include horses.

Qatar Airways was impressed with the benefits provided by the HML/HMR stalls. Being collapsible, they are quick and easy to put up, and they can be folded down just as fast to a height of just 40 cm. This means they can be stacked four stalls high and then transported back in the lower-deck cargo hold. That saves considerable time and money. Yet, when erected, these stalls are big enough and sturdy enough to accommodate three horses and their groom. HML and HMR stalls are mirror images of each other. The HML is for loading from the left and the HMR from the right. The rigid, contoured panelling provide a quiet, weather-proof environment for the horses and a safe working area for the groom.

VRR’s HML/HMR horse stalls are fully EASA and FAA certified (i.e. there are no restrictions), and they are B747F, B777F & MD-11(C)F compatible.

Further information and specification can be found on the HML/HMR product page.

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