Purge Air Container gives safe access to aircraft fuel tanks

The Purge Air container assists in aircraft fuel tank entry and rescue, so it’s not an everyday container. It was designed especially for Didsbury Engineering, who had ordered these for Turkish Airlines.

Rapid deployment container

Didsbury is a British engineering company that specialises in civil aviation tooling. It developed the Purge Air system to give engineers safe access to aircraft fuel tank during inspection and maintenance. This practical solution drains residual fuel from the fuel tank and provides technicians inside the tank with a constant supply of breathable air. This whole system is based around VRR’s customised AKH container, used for the rapid deployment of air cargo. When positioned alongside the aircraft, the container becomes the operation’s control centre, with tools and safety equipment readily to hand.

AKH Container

The AKH container is a full-width, lower-deck ULD and fits the Airbus A319, A320 and A321 with a cargo restraint system installed. It comes complete with multiple compartments, useful for storing technical kits, equipment for draining residual fuel, ventilating tanks, breathing apparatus, communications, gas detection, lighting, rescue equipment. The AKH is also equipped with retractable wheels, so it can be wheeled through a maintenance facility without the need for any auxiliary equipment.

The AKH Purge Air Container offers a complete solution to those who have to drain, ventilate, enter and work safely in an aircraft fuel tank.

Other solutions

VRR and Didsbury have also developed an AKN version of the Purge Air container. This version is very versatile because it’s compatible with almost all aircraft types. We’ll bring you more information on the AKN container very soon. In the meantime, if you want more information about rapid deployment containers, visit our product family of specialised containers.

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