New horse stall ticks all the boxes

ECS (European Cargo Services) specialises in transporting horses by air, flying them to almost any destination around the world on a daily basis. A vital element of such tricky transportation is the horse stall, which confines the horse safely during the flight. ECS has used VRR as its exclusive supplier of horse stalls for many years now, so when they approached us to design an addition to their expanding fleet of stalls, we were only too happy to help. The result is the HMJ Horse Stable.

The HMJ Horse Stable has been designed with horse and groom in mind, providing both with a safe, convenient and comfortable environment. Stress-free transportation is vital so the horse arrives in top condition. Therefore, the stall has to accommodate not only the horse but also the groom, who assists in loading the horse and takes good care of it throughout the flight. 

The HMJ stall has proven capabilities and is a permanent product of VRR’s product range. The unique roof structure is foldable on both sides, so it will fit the contour of a B747 as well as the contours of smaller aircraft such as the B777F, MD-11F and DC-10F. This makes the HMJ compatible with almost all wide-body freighter aircraft (main deck). The roof structure can also be adjusted on each side to allow loading from the left and right. Consequently, the horse always faces forward when travelling.

The HMJ container also comes with:

  • Ramps doors on both sides, hinged vertically or horizontally, for uni-directional (un)loading
  • Groom department for attendants
  • Partitions that can be moved for easy loading and reconfiguration (2 or 3 cabins)
  • Solid breast frames to form a barrier between the horses and the attendant
  • Aft bars and kick doors to retain each horse in position directly after loading

The HMJ Stable is a versatile, all-in-one product and, like all horse stalls in our product range, is certified by EASA and the FAA. Go to our portfolio page for more information on the HMJ Horse Stable.

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