New customer in need of AAX Containers

We are proud to deliver new AAX Containers to our new customer Air Hongkong, a dedicated freighter airline. They needed new air cargo containers to efficiently transport their mail and express freight. An industry in which time, weight, durability, convenient use and maximum space usage are of essence. In this case a AAX Container was the perfect match.

A certified ULD

This AAX container is a certified (EASA) main deck container. The overall construction consists of a base and a rigid upper structure with an easy-to-handle cover/net combination covering the front side of the container. This one-piece cover door ensures a completely waterproof container.

Efficient parcel (un)loading

The cover door is fixed to the top side of the frame, so when the packages are ready to be (un)loaded, the cover door can easily be placed on top of the container. After loading, the cover can be closed and fastened to the base, the buckles can then be used to properly straighten the door, all parcels secured and ready for take-off!

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