Customising Flight Spare Kits with detail and care

One of VRR’s strengths is the ability to customise containers and pallets to meet exact requirements. Flight Spare Kits, also known as Fly-Away Kits or FSKs, are a great example of this tailor-made approach. 

FSKs are used to safely store and transport tools, spare parts and equipment for aircraft. These containers are easy to load and unload and are very portable. Being extremely flexible, they can be adapted to a specific purpose. That could be holding the kit needed to change aircraft wheels or acting as a mobile tool box and workbench. FSKs are simple to set up on location, making them ideal for rapid maintenance & repair and helping to reduce an aircraft’s downtime significantly. It’s why airlines are so keen on them.

VRR’s experience in making FSKs to order is unrivalled. The interior can be adapted with accessories such as adjustable compartments, shelves, dividers and drawers. The exterior can also be adapted, from multiple doors and/or hatches to container wheels and even a ramp. Add to that a security locking system to prevent unauthorised access and fully branded artwork and you have a completely customised FSK.

When we design these containers, great care is taken to ensure the safe storage and convenient handling of both the container and the content. Our production of FSKs involves low-level quantities and high-level engineering so we can make sure everything is carried out to order. We can even deliver them fully certified.

If you’d like a made-to-order Flight Spare Kit, make VRR your first port of call.

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