Customised storage containers for royal airline

Dubai Air Wing is the airline of the United Arab Emirates’ government. The airline approached VRR to design and manufacture a container to store certain aircraft equipment in addition to galley boxes, which are used for on-board catering. The end-product is the DMP container.

A DMP container is a non-certified Unit Load Device (ULD) based on a standard 96x125 inch footprint. It has been specially designed to store seven galley boxes in a compartment on the right-hand side, which is accessible by opening hatches from the outside. The container also has two shelves: one is foldable and can be used as and when necessary; the other can store lubricants.

Our designers had to ensure the container could be accessed during the flight, so they introduced the sliding door. A door like this doesn’t take up any extra space, making the container accessible at any time.

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