VRR pallets assisting in Airbus A380 aircraft recovery

Aircraft recovery is tough. And with the A380 in the air, challenges have only increased. 

Whilst VRR is not active in aircraft recovery itself, we were asked to assist in a new development for aircraft recovery.

The end result, see pictures, is a set comprising out of PKH pallets and a PLH pallet. The pallets assist in both rapid deployment purposes and provide bottom support during the actual recovery.

The PKH pallets are permanently equipped with a Rapid Recovery Solution (RRS) for the A380. Manufacturer ResQTec developed a new modular recovery solution RRS, as the RRS has a unique way to allow controllable and continuous lifting over a changing angle, while maintaining extreme stability throughout the lift.

The compact design allows RRS to be transported and positioned easily (on PKH pallets). The modularity of the system enables it to be used on any type - small to large - aircrafts.

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