Update: RGX Container development

What happens when we are awarded with a design, development and supply contract for large refrigerated containers? An inside story.

To refresh one's memory, earlier this year we were chosen as the vendor for new containers in which large-scale, temperature sensitive equipment for the semi-conductor industry will be shipped.

Besides designing towards compliance of all aviation regulations in order to achieve EASA and FAA airworthiness approval, there are many additional requirements set forth by the customer. The latter requirements must ensure safe transport conditions for the goods shipped throughout the entire journey - the aim being to avoid any loss of costly machinery for the lithography semiconductor industry.

Project of this scale involve more than just a few sketches.. It starts with a thorough understanding of the written technical requirements as well as expectations. Compliance matrixes are prepared in which the scope of work and responsibilities are narrowed down.

After a kick-off meeting, the conceptual or quick-and-dirty 3D model is presented in a preliminary design meeting. The design as then agreed upon will act as the basis which will require further fine-tuning. From there on, it is detailing, further detailing, calculating, saving weight where possible, again calculating whether minimum strength requirements are met and in between, thermodynamic analyses are made.. a busy schedule indeed, certainly as any change may have various effects.

Once the design and underlying supporting reports to justify the design are finalised, a final design meeting is organised in which the project leaders sign the design off for production.

Common misunderstanding is that once a design is frozen, production could commence. It cannot, unfortunately. The model may have been finished, however individual piece part drawings still need to be created and verified. We start ordering the expected long lead-time items and as drawings progress, purchasing follows.

Once all materials have been received and work has been scheduled, the fun begins; tangible production. Comments from the production area are taken into account and corrected in the model. As soon as the build has finished, the acceptance tests can commence. There are various tests to be arranged, and depending on the outcome of those tests the design will need to be tweaked or not.

As for the RGX, there have been minor remarks only and as such serial production is running at full speed in order to meet the delivery dates later this year.

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