Time for a change

Even after 60+ years some dare to change a nearly monumental name. Yet we carefully thought it through.

No more tongue twisting for many of our international clientele and suppliers.

For years and years, ever since our two founders travelled beyond the borders of our 33880 square kilometer country to explore business opportunities, people have struggled pronouncing our name rightly. Well, there is no more need to.

As of now, we will go by the name of VRR. Rest assured our unique name will not be lost as our official name Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam will remain with e.g. our registration at the Chamber of Commerce or with the civil aviation authorities.

VRR is in line with our sales offices in Singapore and the UK, both respectively named VRR Asia and VRR London.

Our website will soon be subject to a total make-over. Please check our homepage to see the new website arriving soon!

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