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Over 50.000 people have visited our website.. wow.

At the very start of a new year, our website statistics service shows we have had over 50.000 people visiting our website. And it is not that long ago since we started tracking this data.  

Rest assured, we are not spying on our digital guests.. These statistics show us how you found our site and how you explored it, so we can enhance your visitor experience.

Other than just providing high quality hardware, we wish to provide visitors a clear and concise presentation of products already developed and to give a right feel of our capabilities right from the very start.  

This number astonished us somewhat. We are thankful to may have welcomed such number of guests - however digital these guests may be.

We will be reviewing our digital platform later this year with the goal to provide you more and easier navigation when searching for a product or possible solution.

Should you have any comments on how we can improve this digital experience, we highly value your input. Please send us a message at

Thank you and stay tuned.

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