Rounding off the year

We would like to round off the year by thanking you for all that we have achieved together in 2013 and, of course, by wishing you all the best for 2014: may it be a prosperous year for us all!

We have a lot to look forward to in 2014. Internally at VRR, we see that we have a number of marvellous new and challenging projects to start off the new year with. This is what motivates us, not only to do what we do, but to do it even better! We look forward to working together with many of you, designing and producing innovative, customised air cargo solutions.

Happily, we also see a number of positive signals emerging from the world in which we operate. Economic recovery has been forecast for the aviation industry as a whole, and, in a recent press release from IATA, especially for air-cargo.

New VRR website
2014 is also the start of many new things at VRR. We aim to improve our communication to you and to the world in a number of ways. Firstly, we are renewing our website, making it more open, accessible and informative. 

VRR Newsletter
Secondly, early in 2014 you will receive the first edition of our new, quarterly newsletter. In our many contacts with you and the aviation industry in general, we hear and discuss many issues which we think are interesting and valuable for all our relations. There are also many exciting developments at VRR which we would like to share with you as well. We look forward to receiving your reactions, and even input.

We trust that together, we will make 2014 a successful year for us all. Let's finish off by simply wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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