RGX Containers

VRR has been awarded with an order for the supply of multimodal RGX containers

Similar in concept to the RZX container, this multimodal container is being developed to secure the air transportation of sensitive large-scale assemblies. The RZX allows autonomous atmospheric condition control by road, rail and air transport.

To allow air shipping, the RGX container will receive full airworthiness certification. The RGX is optimised for air travel per Boeing 747 freighter aircraft.

Refrigerated for effortless deployment

This refrigerated container is equipped with internal and external tie down interfaces and ensures safe transport conditions for the most demanding shipments. Temperature control could be arranged through the air conditioning system when connecting the container to the power network or by making use of power generated from its internal diesel generation system.

The latter part, internal generation system, makes the container completely self-sustaining to allow effortless deployment across supply chains worldwide.

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