Repainting the production facility

We are not as black as we are painted.. (that is a joke).

Following our recent overhaul of the entire building - thus offices, production halls and canteen area - one of the items which seemed stuck on our list of things-to-do was repainting the production area.

Walls, beams, window and door casings; no single part will remain untouched by the painting crew. There is quite a bit of thinking concerning logisitics and minimizing impact on production output behind this project; shuffling materials and semi-finished products back and forth is not that easy however sofar everything proceeds as planned.

The painting crew have been with us for a couple of weeks now, however due to the scale of the project they will be around for a couple more weeks still. It should be finished in six to seven weeks from now.

Various new grey colours will, accompanied with shades of black and white, result in a modern appearance.

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