Refrigerated container for telecom industry

High end sensitive electronics require a special container when combined with a need for rapid deployment. A telecom company asked VRR to think along of a solution for international emergency response should anything catastrophic happen within their network. A dedicated team of people prepare for the worst and in case so, rapid deployment and airlift are often a inevitable match.

Disaster recovery service

This disaster recovery service is to recover voice and data service network elements to an area affected by a disaster. Telecommunications is vital for businesses and governments following a disaster, both for the impacted area as for the rest of the country. These people are responsible for the rapid recovery of service network sites following catastrophic events.

High technology

We learnt that the key to successful recovery is teamwork and technology, we have contributed with the latter. All of the telecommunications equipment required to recover a destroyed site is transported to a recovery site in specially-designed technology trailers or flown in, should need be.

Each of these products have self-contained or dedicated power and environmental capabilities and each houses a component of the network technology that would normally be part of a permanent office. Once on site, the individual components are interconnected to match the unique configuration of a heavily damaged or destroyed central office.

An intermodal MGX container

We developed a large intermodal MGX container based upon a 20ft pallet (PGA pallet) footprint. The container is insulated and basically provides accommodation for high end routers and other electronics. All this sensitive equipment generates tremendous heat, as such we had to consider protecting the inner compartment from the outer elements as well as providing adequate cooling capacity – and not just a bit of cooling.

Two refrigeration systems with a combined 30kW cooling capacity have been installed along the long side of the container. The cold air outlets are guided to the router systems via ducting channels, some of which have been integrated in the flooring.

The interior features built-in interfaces for the electronics which will be installed at dedicated companies.

Again, a remarkable and specialised project.

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