Redesign of collapsible VMA car transporters

SOS Global orders new VMA car transporters

SOS Global Express, a US based global freight forwarder, asked for our assistance in their search for a transport solution to ship valuable rally cars.

At six different venues in North-America, South-America and Europe the drivers will compete for a major race cup.

After a thorough inventory of the specific requirements SOS Global judged the VMA car transporter to be the most efficient solution. The VMA car transporter (which had already been manufactured by VRR years ago) has been completely adjusted to the specific wishes of our customer.

The construction consist of two platforms and a robust X-frame anchored onto a PMC pallet. The cars can be pre-loaded on the platforms, lifted onto the airplane by a forklift truck and therefore remain untouched throughout the entire transport.

The fully collapsible car transporter has been designed in such  a way that building up an taking down is an easy job to do.


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