Rapid response systems for BAe146 200 QC

Cabin Baggage Platforms and Containers and Cargo Pallets have been delivered to BAe Systems

VRR has developed Cabin Baggage Platforms and Containers for use in a BAe146-200 QC aircraft.

The total system consists of 2 cargo pallets (108” x 88”) and one transition pallet (108”x 61.72”) with 2 baggage containers on both the cargo pallets and the transition pallet.

The cargo pallet (88” x 108”) is a mechanically fastened type. The strength is achieved through an aluminium stringer-based core to which both top and bottom sheets are attached with rivets. This construction will ensure enough rigidity to facilitate the pallet being lifted with a forklift when loaded to the load limit.

The transition pallet (108”x 61.72”) fills the gap between the last seat pallet and the first Modified Cargo Pallet with Baggage Stowage Provisions. In this pallet several inserts are placed to facilitate easy connection to the stowage  container. Its forward edge interfaces with the aft edge of the existing seat pallets. The aft edge of this pallet is positioned at the aft end of cargo compartment D.

Photo luminescent emergency escape path marking strips are placed along the pallet, outlining the edges of the aisle. The pallets’ surface is covered with anti-skid tape on the aisle, to prevent a slip hazard.

To avoid steps and gaps between the cargo pallets a small ramp is placed on the pallet. Such a ramp is also placed on the aft side of the pallet.

The baggage containers are placed on both the cargo pallets and the transition pallet (two per pallet). The aluminium constructed stowages are placed on the LH and RH side of the pallet, creating an aisle in the middle. The boxes – equipped with D rings in the interior - are mounted on the pallet.


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