Rapid response ABJ containers

Fast deployment for everyone

A fast roll out is of great importance for our newest customer. Well-organised, hassle-free air transport equipment enables readiness and thus reduces the initial response time significantly.

The ABJ container will be based around a military 463L pallet as it will mainly travel aboard military aircraft. However, one of the further requirements mandated a proper fit with transport per civil B747 and A300 freighter aircraft - the ABJ containers are strongly contoured to allow side-by-side loading in the latter aircraft.

Designed for every environment

The container require to be operated on land with limited infrastructure, as such winching rings have been installed at the lower area as well as lifting eyes on the roof section to ensure safe hoisting.

The overall construction is highly robust; a rigid superstructure built up of large reinforced extrusions is cladded with aluminium sandwich panels.

Inside, there are multiple tiedown points and provisioning for demountable shelves. The shelves will assist in organizing goods in advance - the original intent of these container is a complete preloaded mobility system which could be quickly dispatched in case of need.


Once in operation, the containers will be used as semi-permanent storage and as such additional attention to weather proofing has been spent. Cable feeds and ventilation grids allow installation of electronic equipment, with the containers interior turning into a working environment.

More info?

Visit our product page of specialised and customised containers to see more examples of rapid deployment containers.

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