PGA pallets in optima forma

KLM has recently taken delivery of new heavy duty PGA pallets. 

Often referred to as extreme duty instead of heavy duty, KLM now operates the latest very robust PGA pallet.

This PGA pallet is one of the stiffest, if not the stiffest, pallets available. Despite the sheer rigidity and robustness of the pallet, the tare weight could be kept under 500 kg.

The pallet allows a greater loading efficiency due to the increased number of seattrack positions. Normally, the seattrack locations are only found around the edge rail extrusions. VRR's pallet offers seattrack locations throughout the surface, which avoids the necessity to strap your cargo across the full pallet width. Cargo can now be strapped more tightly and more efficient, thus leaving more space for other cargo.

Additional seattrack loaction over the pallet surface is normally a costly option. With VRR it is standard.  

Efficient, practical and durable. No better way to sum things up.

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