New repair facility at AMS airport

Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam has established a new repair facility nearby Amsterdam airport. 

Faster turnaround times of your air cargo equipment? It is again possible.

One major item driving our decision to establish a new maintenance site is the heavily congesed road between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Secondly, we can improve our service levels and where possible we will not hesitate to do so.

The repair facility is based in Badhoevedorp and located at a 5-10 minute drive from Amsterdam Airport. Faster turnaround times, the ability to handle larger volume of ULD for repair incuding the ability to stock parts and products.

Needless to say, our facility is EASA Part 145 approved.

Some facts and figures, total area covers 1300 square meter covered and a yard of 1250 square meter. And still space left to park our cars.

The facility is managed by David Steur and Jocelyn Sastra, both come with a wealth of experience in ULD repair.

Hope we can assist you with your maintenance or other service needs, we are up for it. Contact details are following:

VRR Amsterdam
Sloterweg 358C
The Netherlands
Tel     : +31 (0) 20 659 9777
Fax    : +31 (0) 20 659 3854

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