New HMJ horse stall for Jettainer

Jettainer has ordered the prototype HMJ droptop horse stall built to their specific requirements. 

Those reading our news items may have noted recent news to often concern horse stalls. We have too..

Jettainer has put great effort in defining a clear and concise specification of their requirements for a horse stall. Our proposed design was fully compliant with Jettainers wish-list.  

Professional and risk-averse, Jettainer has opted for the strategy to commence with a prototype which will be monitored closely and evaluated in the next few months. The feedback generated in the forthcoming period will be used to fine-tune the design in a later stage, when replacement of their current fleet of horse stalls is due.  

The horse stall, developed for operations at Lufthansa Cargo, is a droptop HMJ. The HMJ thus features a roof which can lower from main deck to lower deck height to allow return shipping on lower deck positions. Side walls and groom doors have been constructed using lightweight composite panels. Furthermore, the specification lists items as heavy-duty sandwich pallet base, two hinged ramps on front and aft, breast cushions and kick doors. 


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