New HMC horse stalls for Cargolux

Back in the mid '90s, Cargolux' smart ULD control challenged us by posing the question whether a B747 horse stall could be made collapsible, easy to work with whilst retaining its airworthiness.

This resulted in the world's first certified wide-body collapsible horse stall, designated as HMC, in 1996. Its straight forward design, low tare weight and minimum number of parts made this product quite popular with the operators as finally a solution was available to ease positioning of horse stalls throughout the network by collapsing the stalls and transport the stalls in stacks on lower deck positions.

However, animal attendants generally favoured the rigid horse stalls as these were more robust, generated less noise and offered a higher level of safety and animal welfare during flight. Some operators therefore stuck to rigid, non-collapsible, horse stalls whilst other operators completely switched to collapsible stalls. Both horse stall types had their individual pros and cons.

We initially believed that combining the best of two worlds would be near impossible, however did start a development project to explore opportunities. Contrary to our earlier opinion, we found that it would be possible to develop a collapsible stall which incorporated all interesting features of a non-collapsible horse stall.

Redesigning a new generation

A new generation of collapsible horse stalls was born when we launched the HML and HMR horse stalls in 2008. To allow service on a variety of aircraft, these horse stalls have been contoured to allow side-by-side travel on aircraft such as A330F, MD-11F, B777F as well as the still rather voluminous B747F.

Having operated our very first collapsible horse stall design for over 16 years, Cargolux wished to steadily replace its horse stall fleet with an upgraded design. The HML and HMR did however not tick all their boxes, as we were asked to redesign the stall to a B747 contour only.

May we present our latest collapsible horse stall - designated HMC in spirit of its predecessor - which is just as well again expected to last a longtime and allow many safe and efficient horse shipments in the years to come.

For more information, please contact us.

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