New droptop horse stall designs

New B777F and MD-11F droptop horse stall designs in the works 

It is hard to imagine, however there are still different horse stall configurations imaginable which have not been conceived. Rather than updating current or older designs, we are now working on two different concepts from scratch.

Both airline customers have given easy positioning throughout their network a priority and consider a droptop concept operationally most convenient. Droptop designs are generally slightly easier to raise and lower than what a fully collapsible design requires for such. Also, when shipping to locations less accustomed to receiving or dispatching horses, the local ground handler may find a droptop design easier to work with.

One design is optimized for the MD-11 Freighter, featuring a single slanted side and a designated forkliftable base whilst the second horse stall design will be optimized for the still very fresh B777 Freighter. The B777F design will be contoured (slanted side) on both left as right side to allow positioning on either side of the aircraft with the horse facing forward at both rows.

Stay tuned, more information including sketches and pictures will follow in the next months.

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