Mobility container overview

Growing importance of rapid deployment

Our portfolio of mobility containers for rapid deployment is ever expanding. Rapid deployment appears to be increasingly important. Although perhaps not everything can be planned for by planning departments or military command, foresight and preparation can facilitate a smooth and fast roll out when required.

With an ever growing range of products, some visitors may at times have difficulty in finding relevant already developed solutions. To find your way through this, dare we say it, proliferation, we thought it might be wise to dedicate a separate message to showcase some highlights all in once. Each solution typically covers a wide variety of requirements, some of these requirements are very specific whilst others are general and applicable to all. Should you have any thoughts or questions, please just drop us a note.

VRR is a significant provider of air transportable containers and pallets. Our core competence is the ability to swiftly design and manufacture solutions to customer requirements. These solutions often fulfil vital functions in logistics for military rapid deployment forces. Solution, either containers or pallets, are lightweight, mobile, easy-to-use for storing and transporting supplies and other goods. In addition various mission-specific configurations have been developed.

Rapid deployment containers that can be used in aircraft:

ABB container

The ABB mobility container is based around a military HCU6E (463L) type pallet base for acceptance in military and civil freighter aircraft, it has recently been delivered to the United Nations (UN) to aid in quickly deploying goods.

Designed for rapid deployment

The containers required to be intermodal and have the ability to be operated on land with limited infrastructure. As such, winching rings have been installed at the lower area as well as lifting eyes on the roof section to ensure safe lifting of a fully loaded container. 

The overall construction is highly robust; a rigid superstructure is constructed through the use of reinforced aluminium extrusions, with the frame cladded with aluminium sandwich panels.

Customisable interior

Inside, there are multiple tiedown points and provisioning for demountable shelves. The shelves will assist in organizing goods in advance - the intent of such container is a complete preloaded mobility system which could be quickly dispatched in case of need. The interior allows various configurations with removable divider panels and adjustable shelves. A hazmat panel allows access when needed during flight. Obviously, doors and panels can be sealed or padlocked.  

To ease the attachment and removal of lifting straps, foldable steps are provided at each vertical corner post.

ABJ container

The ABJ container is based around a military 463L pallet as it will mainly travel aboard military aircraft. However, one of the further requirements mandated a proper fit with transport per civil B747 and A300 freighter aircraft; the ABJ containers are strongly contoured to allow side-by-side loading in the latter aircraft. This is a vital difference with the aforementioned ABB container.

The construction and interior options are largely identical to the ABB container.

Cable feeds and ventilation grids allow installation of electronic equipment, with the containers interior turning into a compact working environment.

AAY container

When transporting troopers and cargo in one hold, a conflict in air cargo regulations may occur. Regulation for transport of passengers vastly differs compared to the requirements for transport of cargo in general - fire and smoke form key differences in regulations.

Cargo and passengers need to be separated and whereas such typically occurs by creating dedicated different areas, in certain (military) aircraft configurations this is simply not feasible or cost effective.

Taking flight safety serious and adopting FAA standards, the Spanish Air Force approached VRR to take part in discussions regarding Boeing 707 combi transport. Dedicated fire containment containers were provided with a fire suppressing system to facilitate combi transport and to provide a safer transport method of e.g. lithium batteries.

ABY container

These ABY air cargo containers were designed to transport B707 AWACS aircraft spare parts to facilitate local maintenance in remote areas. The containers are preloaded and can remain on standby as mobile workshop or storage for any operation. Featuring customized interiors, the ABY containers provide storage for anything from nuts and bolts to, say, actuators and aircraft tyres. The containers are also suitable for outdoor storage onsite.

A total set comprises three different types of containers:

  • The basic container featuring separated holds, adjustable shelves and sliding drawers on top of these shelves.
  • A hazardous cargo version with sealed off compartment, allowing crew to access the cargo during flight and suppress a potential fire.
  • A tire container for the carriage of nose and main landing gear wheels.

HCU-6/E pallet

The palletized version of a military workhorse, providing rapid deployment of cargo with a durable yet well maintainable design.

Our HCU-6/E deployable air cargo pallet comprises an all-aluminium pallet. The HCU-6E has aluminium extrusions around the periphery and a high grade aluminium stringer-based or honeycomb core in between the top and bottom aluminium sheets.

The process of bonding the high compression-resistant honeycomb core with top and bottom sheet is identical to the bonding process of aircraft floors and high speed train floors. This technique provides utmost longevity against low weight and makes delamination - as typically seen with the old-fashioned balsa wood core pallets - a definite thing of the past.

A quantity of 22 tiedown rings (7,500 lbs capacity each in any direction) is standard, however both the quantity as well as the load capacity of the tiedown rings can be increased. The pallet is multi modal, allowing air and road transport for both military as civil applications. When not in use, the pallets can provide on-site storage of equipment.

HCU-6/E pallet customization 

An example of customization, for the installation of a workstation in a C-27J aircraft a reinforced military pallet was required.

Apart from interfacing with the C-27J aircrafts 463L cargo handling system the pallet would act as flooring on which a workstation was to be installed. The workstation, a large console with all sorts of electronic equipment and two swiveling operator seats, is subject to sincere flight loads which are all guided into the pallet.

Using our standard pallet design as the basis, there was relatively little effort required for further reinforcement; solely the pallets many interfacing tiedown provisions onto which the entire console is installed.

More info?

If you are interested in multimodal and multifunctional rapid deployment containers, visit our product family of specialed and customised unit load devices.

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