HMJ horse stables: a new generation

ECS will take delivery of new HMJ horse stalls to further strengthen and expand its horse stall lease fleet.

European Cargo Services (ECS) was founded in 2002 by Edwin Hofstede. In the same year, ECS asked VRR to provide four new HMJ horse stalls. This resulted amongst others in a remake of the current series at the time, customized to ECS' needs and experience built up from previous positions at a GSA.

Jubilee Horse Transport

Five years, a jubilee, have gone by and in the meantime ECS has gathered a well-deserved reputation on horse transport by air. By working hard and continuously acknowledging the importance of state-of-the-art equipment, ECS has yet already built up a fleet of around seventy new horse stalls.

We believe in continuous improvement and having improved the previous design year by year, we now introduced a new model from scratch incorporating all the best from the past with unique features for the near future.

ECS is taking delivery of the new 2007 HMJ horse stall. Naturally, again approved by both EASA as FAA without any restrictions on maximum weights or maximum number of horses.

Please contact us for more information.

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