happy new year

What a year 2011 has been!

Not only did we turn 65 years of age (yes, we truly did start in 1946) but in all honesty it has been rather busy, despite the global financial turmoil. We were swamped with development projects - some of them technically very challenging - and adequate manufacturing work to keep the team in the workshop on longer shifts for months on end.

The lean management philosophy is in full effect with visible and positive results. There is however no time to rest on our laurels, this is an ongoing process and in some ways similar to the Never Ending Story.. Well you guessed it right, work remains to be done to keep us on the forefront of efficiency in years to come.    

2011 also saw VRR being awarded with orders from a diverse customer base, some of them new to VRR whilst a fair deal of our respected customers have been served for years, if not decades already.

We keep on improving our organisation, service levels are to increase further whilst working on a greater output from the facility. When concentrating on our core competences and subcontracting other activities to a group of well-selected partners, we can reach greater heights still. The technical barrier has been raised and production capacity has increased.    

Despite a financial crisis, possible global recession and other unpleasant topics, do not forget; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

We look forward to work with you in 2012 and will make, again, best efforts to make it a splendid year for customers, colleagues and suppliers.

Happy New Year.

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