Fire Retardant AAY Containers for Spanish Air Force

The Spanish Air Force operates B707 aircraft which are able to quickly transform from a freighter into a passenger aircraft and vice versa. These are unique combi-aircrafts as multiple combi configurations can be operated.

The fire hazards of combi-aircrafts

Transporting both cargo as passengers within the same cargo hold, this would create a conflict of regulations. Expanding on our expertise with the manufacture of A330 and A340 crewrest container, special AAY fire retardant containers have been developed to meet the most stringent requirements. The AAY outer shell contains fire within thew cargo container and allow for suppressing a fire using fire extinguishers located on the outside.

Additional safety features

An aisle has been left on one side to allow crew and passengers to exit or to access the extinguishers and suppress a fire in case of an emergency. Better hope they willl not be used.

More information?

Interested in how standard unit load devices can be made more fireproof? Visit out product page of fire resistant containers.

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