Cool container for high tech shipments

L, XL, XXL.. Meet the RZX coolcontainer. Large and heavy temperature-sensitive high-tech air shipments are now possible.

With pleasure and pride we present the world's first certified B747F/B777F container (designated as RZX) with a footprint of 125 inch by 196 inch.

Being the largest air cargo container we supplied over the last decades, the voluminous RZX container is developed for the worldwide delivery of sensitive high tech products.

The RZX container establishes the correct temperature with fluctuating ambient temperatures throughout each step in the logistic chain involving air transport. The RZX allows a proper distribution and final delivery of high-tech products to ensure the performance at arrival.

The heavily insulated construction in conjunction with the temperature control unit, allow for a temperature fluctuation of no more than two degrees Celsius during the shipment. A clear and reliable control unit steers the cooling and heating system. The RZX and its temperature control system are controlled by an 380-400 Volts electrical supply or by an independent internal diesel generator.

STC airworthiness certification for B747-400 Freighters is currently pending at EASA.
UPDATE: EASA airworthiness approval was received 11 December 2009 

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