Convenient shipping of large luxury cars

VRR presents the new PGX car transporter for the transport of luxurious and/or armoured cars.

Developed for the seemingly increasing worldwide traffic of luxury and armoured vehicles into emerging markets, VRR developed a car platform based around its newest generation of standard PGA (20ft) pallets.

The platform allows transport of the high(est) class luxury vehicles and can therefore cope with longer wheelbases and higher vehicle tare weights.

We integrated forklift pockets into the design to ease handling on and off airport. The to be transported car will be driven onto the platform via two ramps and secured with restraint straps. The ramps are integrated in the structure of the platform and can be taken out for loading conveniently. The straps are stored in integrated lockable cargo compartments.

When not used for car shipments, the platform allows transport of standard cargo with an NGA net.

One could argue that the PGX car transporter could also be referred to as a VGA car transporter. We leave the final verdict - the designator, that is - up to our customers!

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