Collapsible stables for ECS

Again a rightful claim to first class travel for four footed friends. 

Following previous orders, ECS has further expanded its fleet of horse stables with collapsible versions.

The HML, and its symmetrical version HMR, model were developed by the end of 2006 in an attempt to combine the best of two worlds.

Rigid contoured stables generally provide high comfort levels, both in terms as animal welfare as in groom safety. Collapsible stables on the other hand, offer a great manoeuvrability as they fold down to little height and can be transported  in lower deck positions on stacks of three to four stalls per pallet position.

It has taken some time, yet we believe to have completed the mission successfully. We dare to claim the HML and HMR have proven to be great stables after sincere positive feedback from operators, grooms, horse agents and handling crew.

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