Celebration: 60 years in business

Today, we celebrate 60 years of entrepeneurship. A day we'll remember.

Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam started off as Gebr. van Riemsdijk Rotterdam b.v. in 1946. Nowadays better known as Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam, to some even as RR or VRR.

To celebrate we headed off to a nice weekend with our complete team. Both the current staff as retirees, who helped to build our company to remember and to celebrate this great achievement.

Having started as a sheetmetal shop in difficult times, just after WWII, we are pleased to still serve the international community with technical advise and neat products which enable international trade of all sorts of goods all over the globe.

At times as these it's unfortunate that both original founders are regretfully no longer with us. We hope they would have been proud. At least, we are.

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