AMF containers Volkswagen Motorsport in use

Approximately 4.5 months agowe were developing for the transportation of Volkswagen’s WRC rally cars.

After intensive correspondence between the VW engineers and our engineering team we managed to come up with a customised container that both VRR and VW are very satisfied about. But to be absolutely sure that the car would fit into the container VW Motorsport paid a visit to our facility bringing one of their WRC cars.

After a day of intense measuring and testing a few minor adjustments were talked through with our engineers and the result is something to be pleased with. So we are proud to say that the VW WRC AMF is one of the finest car transporters we have ever made. 

The AMF car container features:

  • Removable ramps
  • Side doors which allows the driver to exit the car when parked in the container
  • Hatches for the wheels on the lower side of the transporter
  • Padlock on each door / hatch
  • Storage facility for the front and rear bumpers
  • Additional fixing points in the container to restrain extra parts

The AMFs will be used for the first time before, during and after the Mexican WRC rally (7 – 10 March). With Sébastien Ogier winning the Swedish WRC rally about a month ago, VW has already revealed their ambitions for the current season: Winning the title in their debut year!

We wish VW Motorsport all the best for the remaining WRC season.

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