AAC and AAX Containers in use

AAA / AAC / LAY Container

After a successful trial order of the AAC Container by DHL, VRR manufactured and delivered the follow-up order of 100 AAC Containers. The AAC Container has been designed especially for the mail and express industry in which time, weight, durability and convenient use are the keywords. 

This ULD is a dually contoured and therefore capable of multiple configurations for an optimal use on both a B737-300(QC & SF) and A300B4-200F aircraft. When loaded consecutively, all facing forward in a single row, the AAC Container is a perfect fit for the B737 contour. When loaded back to back in a double row configuration, they ensure a perfect fit for the contour of a A300 aircraft type.

AAC is the Unit Load Device ID code for a container that is also known as AAA or LAY.

AAX Container

Due to this success, DHL placed another trial order for the AAX Container and will be assessing the  performance of this product in real-life situations. This container is of a similar construction as the AAC Container, but the contour of this version follows the contour of a B767 aircraft to achieve maximum inner volume.

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