A1 Grand Prix required various ULD equipment

Van Riemsdijk Rotterdam helps A1 Grand Prix to get to the race track. We recently designed, and certified, air cargo transportation equipment to carry cargo for the twenty-five teams, entering in to the new A1 Grand Prix competition. 

Each team represents a different country from around the world and all have exactly the same equipment and cars.

Working closely with the A1 Grand Prix Operations Dept, we supplied 28 lightweight car transporters, each capable of carrying two cars. Due to the low profile of the Lola racing cars we were able to design the unit with a removable, forkliftable, storage box on top, while still remaining within the contour required on the upper-deck of a B747 freighter aircraft.

Additional storage inside AMF containers

For the lower-deck positions, we provided additional storage with the supply of AMF containers, complete with four composite solid doors. The doors can be locked for enhanced security and have weatherproof rubber seals to prevent water ingress. The construction of the container includes seat-track tie-down points all around the base, and some on the vertical extrusions, so that the cargo can be located safely using straps.

We thank A1 Grand Prix for the opportunity to be part of their young history and wish them a successful and exciting racing season, with many more to follow in the coming years.

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