A light weight heavy duty pallet

This seems a contradictio in terminis, however it is not.. 

In the past of pallet constructions

Our longtime investigations in sandwich pallet constructions to achieve a high stiffness and good durabllity against a modest tare weight have led to the well-received current series of reinforced PRA (16ft) and PGA (20ft) pallets.

For a longtime, the difficulty was to maintain the bonding strength over an x period. The high frequency during flight aboard aircraft and the constant rolling of the pallet over small rollers let at times the adhesive crack with previous generations; which led to the feared delamination of sheet from the core material. The pallet would then loose significant strength and is prone to damage on the bottom sheet.  

Introducing new methods

During a development project for military pallets we were introduced to the bonding construction methods as nowadays seen in aircraft and high speed train floors. Fantastic performance against minimal weights, a perfect match with our requirements and this process was introduced to our pallets.

The current bonding method and materials used prevent delamination, this aready being rigorously tested prior to marketing. This pallet series proves incredibly strong with, at time of writing, still no repairs after more than three years of operational use.. We believe these are rather impressive performance figures.

The pallets are however so focused on maximum performance that they are mainly used with heavy lift specialists. Discussions with operators who transport less extreme loads and have less heavy shipment led to a development of a lighter version of our current pallet; after all, why carry all the weight for certain strength if this is not needed?

We are proud to announce the availability of a 340kg PRA pallet and a 410kg PGA - these are respectively 65kg and 80kg weight savings of already slim pallets.

Whilst the heavier pallet designs are unquestionnably stronger - nearly bulleptroof strong - the lightweight variants may be a good alternative for those not involved in heavy-lift operations.    

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