Collapsible, two ramps and side doors, three horse configuration

HML / HMR horse stable

As the strongest collapsible model in the VRR horse stall range, the HML/HMR series offer the highest level of animal welfare and groom safety. The resistance offered against substantial abuse with the ability to quickly build up or to fold down the product, make this a proper winner for equestrian air travel. 

When built up, the HML offers ample space for three horses and a safe groom area to take care of the horses during transport. When folded down, the height of no more than 400mm allows convenient return shipping as the folded stalls can be stacked on top of each other. Now you can transport the stalls (stacked) on lower deck positions through the network which saves considerable costs and quite often, time too.

Rigid, robust, quiet, weather proof, a safe working area or the gooms – people did not yet know that these characteristics could be so well integrated into a collapsible design. It does the job very well indeed. 

The HML and HMR horse stalls are fully EASA and FAA certified (i.e. without restrictions). 

The HML and HMR are identical stalls, yet symmetrical. The HML is for left positions and the HMR for loading positions on the right side.

B747F, B777F & MD-11(C)F compatible.

ULD type
  • HML / HMR
  • Type - H
    Certified horse stalls
  • Base size - M
    3175x2438 mm / 125x96 inch
  • Contour - J
    2438x2335 mm / 96x91.9 inch
  • Tare weight:
    1160 kg / 2557 lb
  • Max. gross weight:
    6804 kg / 15000 lb
  • Max. net weight:
    5644 kg / 12443 lb
  • 14 m³ / 500 ft³

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