Designed for B767F, two horse configuration

HAD horse stable

This HAD type is a two-horse configuration stable which is specifically designed for use on a B767F aircraft type. The stall has a base size of 88x125 inches and provides a walkway on the side to give access to the horses once loaded into the aircraft.

The horse stable has all the necessary features to make sure the comfort, welfare and safety of both the horses and the groom. This includes:

  • Heavy duty pallet: to allow forklift handling but also to stop the horses feeling the rollers and power drive unit (PDU) during the loading process
  • A rubber floor/ramp to provide grip, protection and comfort for the horses
  • Ramps on both the front and rear side of the container so the horses can enter and exit unidirectional
  • A partition which serves as a separation wall between the two horse compartments. The partition is equipped with an extendable sniffer board which be used as barrier between the horses heads. The partition is connected to a rail system and can easily slide to the side when necessary.
  • Breast frames: two solid breast frames prevent the horses from entering the groom area, giving the groom a safe working environment while looking after the horses during the flight. The frames come with several rings and hooks, which can be used to hang hay bags, etc.
  • Groom doors: provides access during flight. The door slides open for easy entry, and it can be locked in an open or closed position.
  • Kick doors with rubber padding inside that open individually for safe loading
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant side panels
  • Covers for front and rear sides with gauze windows to provide ventilation
  • EASA and FAA certification
ULD type
  • HAD
  • Type - H
    Horse transport container
  • Base size - A
    3175x2235 mm / 125x88 inch
  • Contour - D
    2235x2342 mm / 88x92,2 inch
  • Tare weight:
    955 kg / 2105 lb
  • Max. gross weight:
    6804 kg / 15000 lb
  • Max. net weight:
    5849 kg / 12895 lb
  • 11 m³ / 388 ft³

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