Welcome at VRR

We're looking forward to your visit!


If you are driving, you can park in our private parking lot. We have special visitor spaces just for you. ​

Train station

Our head office is just a 10-minute walk from the 'Rotterdam Lombardijen' train station, which has an excelent connection with Rotterdam Central Station. 

Safety first

At VRR we want to keep everyone safe. Our visitors are no exception. Therefore, before entering our production units, you will be asked to put on:

  • Safety shoes
  • A safety vest

We’ll provide these for you, though you may bring your own, of course. Optional disposable ear protection is also available.

Property protection

Because of the sensitive nature of our products, we ask all our visitors to follow these rules:


  • Ask permission from your host to take photographs


  • Do not touch products or equipment unless permitted by your host


Please note that tests and article inspections are carried out by authorised VRR personnel only, in accordance with approved test procedures.